TOBY Autism Therapy (Therapy Outcomes By You)

An early intervention program empowering parents to get started with therapy at home


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TOBY Activity Types


Solo On-Screen Tasks

iPad activities that your child can work through on their own. TOBY will prompt if wrong and reward if correct. An example is a visual matching game where the child has to touch the similar image.


Partner On-Screen Tasks

iPad activities where you oversee your childs progress. TOBY tells you when & how to prompt, then you let TOBY know how they perform. One activity example is asking your child to name an image.


Real World Tasks

Off iPad activities that you can weave into everday life at home. For example you can turn folding the socks into a matching exercise.


When I started using TOBY with my 3 year old, she could not imitate, was non-verbal and could not match or sort. I was trying to teach her but did not know where to start. With TOBY I finally had some direction and found I could adopt the tasks into my routine and she actually started to enjoy doing them. We are so excited by her progress.

Ashleigh’s Mum

We’ve been featured on Touch Autism

Kathryn from Touch Autism has become a guru when it comes to Autism Apps & Products on the market having tried and tested hundreds of products while caring for her own children with Autism. Her opinion is highly valued in the Autism Apps space and we are thrilled she took the time to look at TOBY.

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