Did you know we have an eBook?


We hope you are enjoying playing and experiencing success with our TOBY Autism Therapy App.

We’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that we also have an eBook called TOBY Real World Activities, which is available for purchase in both eBook and hard copy via the links below.

Click here for eBook

Click here for Hard Copy

TOBY Real World Activities is the perfect accompaniment to the app, helping to step you through the off-iPad activities.

The book allows instant access to all 300 therapy activities without needing to navigate through the app to find them. It also gives people who do not have an iPad access to the TOBY program.

Although TOBY is aimed to help parents, we feel this book will be of particular value to therapists and educators, as each of the activities is presented as a simple therapy plan, outlining the goal, materials needed, how to conduct the activity, and how to reinforce and prompt where required.

Click here for the eBook free trial, showing you the layout of the book and a couple of the activities.

We wish you all the best and hope that TOBY can help you to achieve our goal, of empowering parents to help their child to learn.

The TOBY Team