Is TOBY Autism Therapy suitable for my child?

Click here to download TOBY Suitability Questionnaire.

Thinking of the child you wish to use TOBY with, please answer the following questions:

Part One

For each question in Part One choose one answer from the following:

  • Yes, frequently
  • Yes, sometimes
  • No

Your Child’s Listening & Comprehension Skills

1. Does your child turn to sounds in their environment, e.g., knock at the door, phone ringing?

2. Does your child turn to play sounds that you make, e.g., whistling, eating or drinking noises, car noises?

3. Does your child turn to their name consistently?

4. Does your child follow routine instructions, e.g., “Time for bath”, “Come here”?

Your Child’s Non-Verbal Communication Skills

5. Does your child follow your point, e.g., if you point to something further away, do they look at that object consistently?

6. Does your child follow your gaze, e.g., if you look over at something (without pointing or using other clues), does your child follow where you’re looking?

7. Does your child point to objects:

a. To ask for something?

b. To show you something?

Your Child’s Imitation & Play Skills

8. Does your child copy your actions, e.g., actions during action songs?

9. Does your child copy actions from other sources, e.g., from people doing actions on TV?

10. Does your child copy your daily activities, e.g., pretending to cook when you are cooking?

11. Does your child do any dress-up play, e.g., Putting on your shoes or hat?, or dressing-up in costumes?

12. Does your child copy your sounds, e.g., when you sing songs, make noises in play?

13. During the day, does your child repeat words or phrases from other sources, e.g., favourite television shows, or from other people?

Visual Skills

14. Does your child distinguish between pictures, e.g., can find their favourite DVD by looking at the covers?

15. Does your child sort toys or group items according to colour, e.g., stacks same-coloured objects or make patterns with colours?

16. Does your child complete puzzles?

For Questions 1 – 16:

  • TOBY contains activities that may be of benefit for your child if you answered “Yes, sometimes” and / or “No” to the above questions.
  • The more frequently you answered “Yes, sometimes” and / or “No”, the greater the number of TOBY activities that may be of benefit to your child.

Part Two

Communication Skills

17. What is your child’s current main form of communication?

a. Behaviours, e.g., crying, whining

b. Signs / gestures only

c. Pictures / symbols

d. Spoken words:

i. Less than 20 words.

ii. 21 – 100 words.

iii. More than 100 words.

iv. Word combinations (phrases and sentences)

18. How does your child currently gain your attention?

a. Not yet

b. Leading you by the hand.

c. Calling out from where they are: Crying / grizzling.

d. Using sounds / vocalizations, and / or spoken words.

19. How does your child let you know they need help:

a. Not yet

b. Crying / grizzling

c. Bringing items to you

d. Using words.

For Questions 17 – 19, if you answered “a”, “b” or “c”, TOBY Playpad has activities that may benefit your child. TOBY may also have activities that may benefit your child if your child has less than 20 spoken words that they spontaneously use for communicating their needs.

Part Three

General Information

20. How confident do you feel with your current skills with being able to help your child learn?

  • Not confident
  • Somewhat confident
  • Reasonably confident
  • Very confident

For Question 20, if you answered “Not confident” or “Somewhat Confident”, TOBY has strategies that may help you become more confident with helping your child learn.

Tally your answers for Part One, Part Two and Part Three. There is no magic total from your answers above that allows us to recommend TOBY for your child or not.  But, the greater the number of responses that indicate some benefit from TOBY, the more likely that it will be helpful for you and your child.

If you are still unsure whether TOBY might be helpful for you and your child, please contact the team.

How many children can use the TOBY Autism Therapy App?

A copy of TOBY can support up to 3 children at a time.