Oscar’s Mum

When I started using TOBY with my 3yr old autistic boy, he could not imitate, was non-verbal (except he could say no!) and could not match or sort. I was trying to teach him but did not know where to start. With TOBY I finally had some direction and Ifound I could adopt the tasks into my routine and he actually started to enjoy doing them. It also highlighted areas/gaps in his learning that I could address with my service providers for them to work on too! Now my son can imitate, knows his colours, shapes and can match! He is also starting to approximate words too!!! The help pages at the start are a great addition and the new layout is much nicer and easy to navigate around too! I just want to say a BIG thankyou to the TOBY people! We are so excited by our sons progress and very thankful to have been on this trial!

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