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TOBY’s Real World activities give you an opportunity to take therapy into your everyday life. The goals of these activities are the same as those from the on screen activities in the TOBY app.

The Real World Activity book is a printed version of approximately 300 therapy tasks, task explanations, prompts and rewards.

For maximum success in the program it is advised you purchase the app in addition to this manual.


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What are Real World activities?

Real World activities come in two types:

  • Adaptive – activities that are part of your daily routine e.g. dressing, having dinner, washing
  • Play – activities that are in the form of games and play

Activities are developmentally sequenced, from simple to advanced. The TOBY app is designed in such a way that as a child successfully completes one activity, a new and more complex one is presented.

NOTE: if you choose to use this manual as a book, without the app for guidance, you will need to understand the dynamic nature of this ordering.


What do Real World activities teach?

Real World activities teach 52 skills from the TOBY curriculum. They cover 5 learning areas:

  • Imitation (copying)
  • Sensory (matching)
  • Receptive language (understanding words)
  • Expressive language (spoken words)
  • Social (joint attention)


Getting Started

Ideally TOBY will eventually be used in conjunction with support from a therapist who is specialised in early intervention. In the meantime we hope you enjoy this unique, parent friendly, evidence-based early intervention program in the comfort of your own home.


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